Speaking… Workin’ it for you!

Since the early days of Cicero in Greece, to the motivational oratory of Dr. Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill, professional speakers have used their gift of storytelling to transmit information and motivate action. In today’s business world, professional speakers possess high energy and inspire a diverse audience, while still maintaining focus of the point at hand.

In short, they need to have the same skills which drive Lynden Kidd.


Companies and businesses today search for more effective ways to motivate their staff while increasing their on-the-job performance. However, in today’s economic climate, many employees are overwhelmed with personal and monetary stress, which reduces their focus on the job and their engagement with their company, work and team. A captivating speaker like Lynden Kidd has the ability to change their outlook by introducing them to a powerful and motivational program called Success Clues which powers their creative spirit by creating CLARITY around what is truly important to succeed, and teaches your employees how to apply them to all facets of their lives – especially while on the job.


In order for a professional speaker to be credible, they must be knowledgeable about the topics of which they speak. Lynden has communicated with thousands of people about their work, their lives, and career aspirations and taught them how to develop powerful and meaningful relationships – including their relationship to a job, a family and their finances. As an entrepreneur herself, she has faced the highs and low challenges of business start-up, has been the boss and also been the employee. Her ability to see both sides of the fence provides Lynden with a unique perspective to pass along to everybody with whom she speaks.


Lynden Kidd possesses a unique trait in professional public speaking – the ability to laugh at the biggest hurdles life can throw at you and then conquer them through positive reinforcement. Her witty and matter of fact approach is highly entertaining yet effective in transmitting each message. Lynden does not speak at people – she brings them along with her conversational style.

Whether it is engaging an audience during a key-note speech, or speaking to your group of employees in an intimate setting, Lynden Kidd has the skills, experience and motivational qualities needed articulate your message best.