We help people who are struggling to get clear about their lives personal and professional.

Are you lollygagging around in your life?  Producing lack luster results in almost everything you do?  Is the boss nagging you about lackadaisical performance?

I had the privilege of attending Lynden Kidd’s seminar, Success by Design. It was the perfect synergistic combination of practicality and affirmative principles.  I had made myself fairly miserable in my quest to find the job that was the right fit for me and I was noticing that my creativity and enthusiasm were waning. Lynden’s seminar inspired me to take a risk and obtain training that places me in key position to advance my career. Thank you Lynden!!

Sherry S. – Tucson AZ


If there were more people like you in the world…there’d be more smiles like mine.  THANKS so much for the gift of your class.  I found it inspiring and will use the info you passed to me in my life from now on.

Mary D. – Marana, AZ


I have had the privilege of seeking counsel and coaching from Lynden over the past two years.  She always provides me with a perspective that is insightful and she makes me think about things I initially overlooked.  In all cases I leave our conversation with a clearer vision of what my next step needs to be or how I should handle my roadblock to success or happiness.  The coaching I have received from Lynden can directly be linked to my increased successes over the last two years. My life has been enriched by her guidance and mentorship.

Zee Worstell



I have worked and trained alongside Lynden Kidd for more than a year now in many settings. Lynden is 100% present, understands needs quickly and is able to assess in what direction the conversation, task or coaching should take. I find her insights right on for not only my situations, but also for the situations of all those being coached. She has a very intuitive and sensitive side to which she pays much attention and follows through on when appropriate. She has helped me identify problem areas when I was having difficulty putting my limitations to words.  I would recommend working with her highly.

Denise C – Kennewick, WA


Lynden possesses those rare and fine qualities to propel one into action. Through her coaching, she has supported and inspired me to reach for my best.  Her knowledge of how to implement suggestions has been particularly beneficial to me as I have developed my skills as a coach, trainer, and speaker.  I find her indeed living the principles learned in the Jack Canfield Train the Trainer work.  I recommend her as an inspirational speaker, trainer and solid coach.  Check her out today!

Joyce B

Tyler, Texas


Lynden, I just closed my first deal!  Thanks for your coaching and support!  Thanks.

Alex B, CO

Thank you so much Lynden for sharing so much leading edge wisdom!  I really appreciate your willingness to share your experience from your teachers.  You are so great at condensing and communicating a lot of material.  In joy and gratitude.

Kathaleen S – Tucson, AZ