About Lynden…

Corporate clients, Entrepreneurs and Executives appreciate employees who are people first – and use their creative spirits and amazing talents to contribute to the growth of their successful businesses.  Lynden Kidd successfully blends this recipe and elevates the best in each individual or group with whom she communicates.

Engaging the mind and spirit to become creative, inspiring and productive is what powers Lynden Kidd, JD. And it is her mission to share this unique drive and determination with every interaction.

Successfully juggling the life of a single mother who holds multiple college degrees and certifications, Lynden Kidd, JD is dedicated to connecting the hearts, minds and internal creative spirit which lives in everybody and applying them to not only their personal life, but at work as well.  Although the task of maximizing the potential of individuals at work is a challenging one, Lynden Kidd finds clever and engaging ways to teach people how to maximize their creativity in all phases of life.

Lynden has communicated with thousands of people about their lives, work, and career aspirations and taught them how to develop powerful and meaningful relationships – including their relationship to a job, a family and their finances. As an entrepreneur herself, she has faced the challenges of business start-up, has been the boss and also been the employee. Her ability to see both sides of the fence provide Lynden with a unique perspective to pass along to everybody she speaks with.

Over the past decade, Lynden has dedicated her life to learning, studying and mentoring with the World’s Top Business and Personal Development leaders such as Jack Canfield (America’s Number One Success Coach). After completing a comprehensive Train the Trainer program with Jack Canfield, Lynden has applied Jack’s Success Principles and workshop methodologies blended with her own brand of wit and wisdom to encourage clients and fellow life travelers to stop waiting for things to happen – make it happen for you.

Email: Lynden@LyndenKidd.com

or call her at  520-329-5796